Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

48 Photo: Shure “Building a motivated, empowered and inclusive workforce supported by technology is the linchpin supporting modern enterprises’ growth. Neglecting this reality will be to the detriment of anyone who tries. By leveraging the cloud and generative AI, companies can revolutionise their workplace environments, allowing their teams to automate mundane tasks and focus on high-value operations, propelling their business to new extremes. This transformative shift fosters productivity and redefines the relationship between organisations and their personnel, leading to a more fulfilling and innovative work experience. Synergy Technical is committed to empowering businesses with these transformative technologies while prioritising data privacy and cybersecurity.” “In today’s business landscape, productivity is synonymous with effective communication, and embracing innovation and information sharing without any hindrance from technology is key. Teams Rooms revolutionises the way employees connect and collaborate across the globe, and further enhancing that experience with Teamscertified audio solutions from Shure overcomes technical barriers to provide a personal, trueto-life meeting experience that enables natural and fluid communication. With flexible and scalable audio options for any room size, Shure lets participants confidently know they are heard and recognised when sharing ideas in hybrid collaborative settings.” COVER STORY Dan Finn Vice President, Synergy Technical Julie Crawford Senior Manager, Strategic Alliance Marketing, Shure