Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

52 Are you concerned about issues such as data security, algorithmic bias, ethics and regulatory compliance? To ensure its technology consistently delivers high-quality, ethical and compliant responses, Deepdesk creates custom models based on the company’s own data. Next, it requires managers, supervisors or senior agents to review the quality, bias and compliance of suggested answers before agents can access them. Managers can check both the wording and the tone of the suggested responses to verify that they are precise, helpful and in keeping with the company ethos and tone of voice. If an agent response is deemed inappropriate – for example if an emoji has been used but the brand requires communication to be formal – Deepdesk suggests how it might be corrected. This functionality ensures interactions are always compliant and ‘on brand’, yet empathetic and tailored to individuals. For example, a large financial services firm implemented Deepdesk to empower its wealth advisors with real-time investment insights and client recommendations, which resulted in a 25 per cent boost in client retention and a 30 per cent increase in assets under management. Similarly, a large European telecommunications provider reduced customer churn by 15 per cent and enhanced brand perception by using Deepdesk to proactively inform customers about network outages and service disruptions. Using Deepdesk AI Agent Assist technology in combination with a cloud-based contact centre solution like Anywhere365 enables organisations to capitalise on all the automation, productivity and efficiency benefits of AI technology, while retaining the human experience which is crucial for both agents and customers. After all, research shows that happier agents make happier customers, and happier customers make a happier business. Hans Kramer is chief brand evangelist at Anywhere365 “ Deepdesk’s AI is a composable layer on top of LLMs such as Microsoft’s various copilots” VIEWPOINT Photo: AdobeStock/Tom Merton/Caia Image