Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

51 productivity, efficiency and happiness. In short, it automates simple, repetitive tasks and empowers people with the right information at the right time. For instance, the autocomplete feature enables agents to hit ‘tab’ to automatically finish a sentence with precise and relevant wording, halving their response time and freeing them up to focus on high-value, complex interactions. Meanwhile, Knowledge Assist, an open text search function that automatically finds information from any connected source – such as a company’s intranet, internal knowledge resources or public website – provides agents with the best possible responses to client queries, all from a single screen. In the case of a voice call, Knowledge Assist will transcribe what is being said and automatically supply agents with the information they need to assist the customer in real time. Using generative AI solutions like Deepdesk in customer engagement has several business benefits. By reducing more than 50 per cent of the manual work traditionally involved in searching for and typing answers, AI assistant technology significantly decreases the average handling time for customer interactions and increases first-time resolution rates. This boosts agent happiness, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In addition, AI analytics and metrics engines derive real-time and historical insights from customer interactions. Generative AI turns them into highly actionable insights to identify trends, drive process optimisation and improve the performance of agents. Deepdesk also captures all the existing knowledge of its users, which expedites the onboarding and training processes for new employees, saving operational costs, lowering attrition rates and increasing staff tenure. All these benefits come at a much lower risk than direct touch chatbots, which makes Deepdesk AI Agent Assist a much-wanted solution. Now that a growing number of organisations are recognising the benefits of this technology, it is becoming more pervasive in customer support operations. Image: AdobeStock/Sergii Pavlovskyi