Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

50 VIEWPOINT Generative AI has the power to increase the productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction of customer service agents, while also enabling them to create exceptional customer experiences HANS KRAMER: ANYWHERE365 Driving exceptional customer experiences with AI assistants What is successful customer service? For us, it involves more than simply resolving issues. It is about delivering personalised interactions and engaging experiences that foster meaningful connections with customers. More organisations are turning to generative artificial intelligence technology, which allows them to analyse vast volumes of data from multiple sources and generate automated, relevant responses to customer queries. Certainly, AI can streamline processes, enhance agent productivity and elevate the overall customer experience. However, for AI to deliver exceptional dialogues, it will still need people. AI in the context of customer experience should therefore be used as a force multiplier to assist, rather than replace, human agents. Anywhere365, which provides Microsoft Teams-native enterprise dialogue management and cloud contact centre solutions, has capitalised on generative AI technology to help our customers significantly improve omnichannel interactions. In 2023, we integrated Deepdesk’s AI agent assist technology into our Teams-native solutions and in 2024, we acquired the company. Together, we aim to empower businesses to accommodate ever-evolving customer demands, deliver personalised experiences at scale and ensure consistent quality of service across channels and touchpoints. Although generative AI only really gained traction in 2023, Deepdesk has been providing AI-based technology to contact centres since April 2019. In essence, Deepdesk uses natural language processing algorithms, machine learning technology and large language models (LLMs) to understand and generate natural language text. By combining these capabilities, Deepdesk can analyse customer questions alongside historical data to extract relevant information and generate contextually appropriate responses in real time, empowering customer service agents to resolve queries quickly. Deepdesk’s AI is a composable layer on top of LLMs such as Microsoft’s various copilots but can use any LLM and even bridge multiple platforms. Users have lauded its innovative features as being intuitive, flexible and easy to use. And this is no surprise. Deepdesk is designed with a laser-like focus to boost agent “AI should be used as a force multiplier to assist, rather than replace, human agents”