Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

INTERVIEW Automating customer service for the future Frank Fawzi shares how IntelePeer’s AI-powered omnichannel communication solutions improve customer interactions and deliver a ROI within 90 days BY LAURA HYDE “ Our methodology allows businesses to shift focus toward high value revenuegenerating customer interactions” Research and consulting firm Gartner has predicted that, by 2025, 80 per cent of customer service and support organisations will be applying generative artificial intelligence technology to improve agent productivity, as well as the customer experience. IntelePeer’s AI-powered omnichannel communications solutions have been designed to do just that. “With generative AI, consistent delivery of superior customer service is now a reality,” says Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, which has automated over 500 million customer interactions across voice, messaging and digital channels since its inception in 2007. “The benefits are abundantly clear,” he continues. “Customer satisfaction and loyalty are significantly improved and the amount of time a consumer spends interacting with customer service agents has dramatically decreased. Time-consuming and often frustrating experiences can now be reduced through true-to-life, conversational interactions. We view this as game-changing for brands and their customers across the board.” IntelePeer’s SmartAgent has been designed to act like a live agent, meaning it can handle a wide range of interactions with a higher percentage of first-time resolutions and improved accuracy. The platform can respond to customer interactions in multiple languages and provides 24/7 intelligent call and message handling. “Integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, IntelePeer’s communications automation platform is transforming customer service,” says Fawzi. “Through this collaboration, we aim to capitalise on the enhanced power of our platform embedded with Azure’s generative AI to entirely transform the customer experience by providing a personalised interaction in a human-like manner.” IntelePeer’s SmartOffice is an AI-powered solution designed to achieve optimal return on investment through enhanced interaction resolution. The platform enables regional offices and retail locations to deal with inbound 58