Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

59 On average, it costs up to $6 for every live agent customer interaction, but IntelePeer’s SmartAgent and SmartOffice solutions cost less than 40 cents per interaction customer interactions without the need for human intervention, which reduces costs while maintaining a professional, hassle-free experience for customers. When necessary, SmartOffice can quickly escalate and route interactions to the appropriate department and workers with relevant knowledge, while also capturing customer context and data intelligence. The solution allows employees to focus on complex customer needs, ensuring the interaction is rewarding for the employee, customer, and business itself. Organisations wanting to utilise IntelePeer’s solutions often start with a Customer Interaction Intent Study, which enables the company to develop a personalised roadmap for implementation. The study securely analyses up to 20,000 calls over a two-week period to determine and prioritise which type of interactions can be automated. “What makes IntelePeer’s Customer Interaction Intent Study stand out from what other companies are doing is our ability to complete the analysis in two weeks, as well as the fact it’s not limited to the contact centre but can be conducted on customer interactions across the entire enterprise,” says Fawzi. “Our methodology allows businesses to shift focus toward high value revenue-generating customer interactions, delivering immediate cost savings realised within the same quarter as deployment.” IntelePeer’s communications solutions deliver AI agents for industries including healthcare, insurance, utilities, retail, financial services, and transportation and logistics. “Our solutions are merely the tip of the iceberg of the impact that AI will deliver to communications automation and customer service,” says Fawzi. “Our solutions address the very real problem of lack of available talent within the customer service industry. By automating the repetitive and routine calls, live agents can focus on the more complicated and more fulfilling customer enquiries.” Photo: iStock/Delmaine Donson