Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

63 roles. We believe AI can turn the corner on embracing employee expectations and creating a space for them to thrive.” AI can also help to improve communication between employees and their HR teams to create better work experiences. “Communication is power, and businesses relinquish that power if they’re not able to communicate effectively,” says Wagnac. “AI can help to better engage people. For example, chatbots are able to serve up information to employees or can be programmed to offer personalised HR services. If an employee has a baby, a chatbot could update their tax forms automatically for them after their due date or it could remind them what their maternity leave policy is.” isolved’s report found that 71 per cent of employees desire these types of self-service capabilities, which empower employees to find the answers that they need to HR-related questions while also reducing the amount of repetitive questions HR leaders receive. Another way organisations can empower their employees is to invest in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) strategies. “The data from predictive analytics is where HR teams can set DEI&B goals,” says Wagnac. “AI can spot if diversity drops off in roles after a certain amount of time and hold departments within a business accountable, especially when it comes to marginalised groups. If we truly want to move forward with DEI&B, we have to seek certain groups of qualified candidates from large volumes of applications. It’s challenging but AI allows HR teams to intentionally pursue hiring goals by tailoring job descriptions, so they are unbiased.” The recent isolved report indicates that 65 per cent of HR leaders agreed that AI-powered tools helped them to find the right candidates for roles. AI can also assist with many of the tasks inundating HR teams, such as assisting with onboarding and benefits administration. “Overall, it’s important that everyone has an open mind when it comes to this type of technology,” says Wagnac. “There’s always someone that braces for impact when they hear the letters A and I together but it’s part of our everyday language and the more businesses that understand its benefits for employee engagement, the better the world of work will become.” Photo: United Archives GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo