Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

64 VIEWPOINT A practical guide to Microsoft Copilot With the AI tool becoming more common in the workplace, it is important for businesses to know how to use it to its fullest potential Back in 2017, American academic Erik Brynjolfsson said: “Artificial intelligence won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t.” Today, this statement rings truer than ever, but it’s not solely limited to managers. Despite the large amount of information surrounding AI’s potential, practical guidance on its application remains scarce. I’d like to bridge that gap by sharing how Microsoft Copilot can transform even basic tasks into interactive, productive dialogues. Copilot is more than just a tool, it’s a conversation partner. When inputting prompts, you should treat it like you would a conversation, rather than as a search engine. It is essential to approach each interaction as a continuing dialogue where Copilot can retain the context and information you provide until you decide to start a new conversation. There are three practical ways users can enhance their experience with Copilot. First, they should always reset Copilot before beginning a new conversation. This can be initiated with just a simple command such as ‘let’s start a new session’ and ensures that Copilot treats the conversation as a new encounter, which is crucial when shifting between distinct projects or topics. It is also crucial to incorporate a ‘plagiarismfree’ directive into prompts. This encourages Copilot to generate unique content, reducing the risk of inadvertent copyright issues while ensuring that outputs are original. Likewise, it is equally important to use the ‘validate’ prompt. Using this prompt after each response is not just about fact-checking, but it also reinforces the credibility of the information provided. It prompts Copilot to verify the accuracy of its responses and provides users with an extra layer of assurance in their decision-making process. By embracing these practices, users can position themselves at the forefront of innovation and leverage AI to enhance decision-making and productivity. Jaisson Mailloux is director and Microsoft technical evangelist at Kyndryl JAISSON MAILLOUX: KYNDRYL