Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

61 isolved’s People Cloud connects every point of an employee’s day from payroll to scheduling their time requirements. AI can also go beyond that by matching internal employees to positions that open up in the organisation, helping them to progress their careers within the company. “AI also tracks individual working patterns and shares that information with team leaders to inform them when an employee is going above and beyond,” adds Webb. “Having all this information in one place is incredibly useful for employers so they can monitor workloads and better reward their teams.” Finally, Webb suggests that the third way AI improves employee experience is by facilitating interactions through chatbots. isolved delivers a conversational virtual assistant within its People Cloud platform that is accessible through Microsoft Teams and connects to backend systems, reducing HR workloads through machine learning and natural language processing. Users can find answers to frequently asked questions such as “what are my benefits?” and “how much time off do I have left?” “This removes the constant drizzle of questions that HR teams are repeatedly answering each day and puts employees in control of their own time by empowering them to find the answers they need straightaway,” says Webb. While AI has been filtering into business processes for some time now, it’s something that HR teams are wanting to benefit more from. “We tend to hear a lot of concern about how AI is taking jobs but it’s more about helping people to be more efficient and productive,” says Webb. “It can help to progress the workforce and that gets lost in a lot of the headlines. There is a lot of appetite for the good that AI can deliver to businesses and employees, and that is something we should all be building on.”