Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

62 INTERVIEW With the landscape of customer interaction constantly changing, the line between service and experience is becoming more blurred. “The customer journey isn’t a straight line; it’s a dynamic path that adapts, learns and grows,” says Omar Javaid, Avaya’s chief product officer. “We must meet the customer where they are, not where we want them to be.” Avaya’s broad set of customer experience (CX) capabilities are designed to provide organisations with the flexible solutions they need to adapt to these ever-evolving needs, whether they use on-premises systems, the cloud, or a combination of both. Its solutions have already been deployed in contact centres around the world, earning Avaya a reputation as a software provider that businesses can trust. “Trust isn’t something you buy off the shelf,” says Javaid. “It’s earned through consistent performance, flexibility and understanding the unique needs of each organisation.” Avaya has also built an ecosystem of industry partners to amplify its reach, enhance its AI prowess and drive innovation for customers. “Innovation isn’t a solitary endeavour,” says Javaid. “It thrives on collaboration, synergy and shared vision. Our partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft are integral to creating solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.” The focus is to use technology to empower customers to innovate, while improving operational efficiency at the same time. “Efficiency is not an endpoint; it’s a continuous journey,” says Javaid. “We’re using AI not just to automate but also to reimagine what’s possible. Through Avaya’s platforms, we can do this, with AI setting new efficiency and satisfaction standards.” “ Efficiency is not an endpoint; it’s a continuous journey” BY RICHARD HUMPHREYS Avaya’s Omar Javaid provides insight into how industry leaders can use artificial intelligence solutions as a roadmap for success regarding customer innovation and satisfaction Innovating the customer experience Image: iStock/ PeopleImages