LiveTiles launches Neon Circle to drive SMEs’ adoption of AI

LiveTiles launches Neon Circle to drive SMEs’ adoption of AI
The specialised intranet platform leverages Office 365, SharePoint and Azure

Elly Yates-Roberts |

LiveTiles is launching Neon Circle, a highly specialised intranet platform that leverages Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. The solution will help drive the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market.

This is LiveTiles’ first entry in the ‘intranet-in-a-box’ market. Neon Circle can be quickly deployed and tailored for businesses whose resources are stretched.

Neon Circle is specific to the SME market, is easily customisable and will evolve to include collaborative chat bots to work alongside employees.

LiveTiles’ chief executive officer, Karl Redenbach, said Neon Circle will provide the platform for the SME market to introduce scalable AI technology. “We designed Neon Circle firstly as a traditional intranet platform that will immediately improve communication and social interaction in the SME workplace,” he said. “We look forward to introducing collaborative chat bots to this environment, which will provide a straightforward way for these businesses to start introducing and working with AI.”

When integrated with AI technology built with LiveTiles Bots, Neon Circle has the potential to expedite intelligent transformation for SMEs, according to lead architect Clive Foley. “Neon Circle is specific to SMEs, with a primary focus on providing an easily customisable digital environment that streamlines communication, onboarding and company news,” he said. “From there, we can begin to introduce ‘talented’ virtual assistants to heighten this experience and take care of repetitive tasks such as scheduling, travel expenses and payroll.”

Neon Circle is LiveTiles’ first solution developed out of its recently opened Irish office. LiveTiles intends to create further AI-powered software solutions for the global market out of its hub in Sligo.

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