Cognizant and Microsoft deliver new virtual healthcare solution

Cognizant and Microsoft deliver new virtual healthcare solution
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Technology provider Cognizant has partnered with Microsoft to deliver a new virtual healthcare solution.  

Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, the service aims to enhance remote patient monitoring by collecting patient data via smart watches, blood pressure monitors and glucose meters and sharing it with healthcare providers.  

The solution’s built-in analytics allows providers to compare historical health information, which Cognizant says could help identify early warning signs of chronic conditions. Its remote capabilities also enable telehealth visits, which are valuable in terms of delivering personalised care in an accessible and time-sensitive way.  

“The bridging of technology and healthcare is creating new opportunities to improve how providers monitor the health of their patients and engage with them for time-sensitive interventions,” said Surya Gummadi, head of Cognizant Healthcare. “Using data analytics, secure cloud technology and interoperability products, our collaboration with Microsoft offers a unique, scalable solution that aims to connect providers and patients, and enhances the quality, timeliness and personalisation of healthcare.” 

The new offering is the first in a digital healthcare series from Cognizant that aim to increase patient engagement, enhance personalised care, provide remote patient monitoring, and facilitate improved patient outcomes. Future offerings will build on existing capabilities to help clients accelerate implementation. 

“Cognizant's new virtual healthcare solution uses differentiated capabilities, built on the secure and compliant Microsoft Cloud, that make it easy for people to collect and share health data using their own devices, while ensuring that providers have the data and insights they need to diagnose and treat patients,” said Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president of global healthcare and life sciences at Microsoft. "We look forward to combining our technologies and collective expertise to deliver additional solutions that offer high quality healthcare and enable patient well-being.” 

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