Dell unveils PowerEdge 13th generation server portfolio

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 12 September 2014
Dell unveils PowerEdge 13th generation server portfolio

Dell has unveiled its latest portfolio of PowerEdge servers, aimed at helping its global customers address and optimise the evolving spectrum of application and workload requirements. 

The Dell PowerEdge 13th generation server portfolio has been engineered to optimise the widest range of web, enterprise and hyperscale applications. The portfolio also features advancements in storage, processing and memory technology, as well as enhanced systems management capabilities. 

The new portfolio provides customers with a choice in how to address industry trends, such as cloud computing, mobility, big data, and software. These trends have been found to be top of the priority list of 80% of IT decision makers, according to a recent survey from Future Ready IT.

“Our customers are inundated with new pressures and challenges that simply didn’t exist a few years ago,” said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager, Dell Server Solutions. “The pace of technology development and disruption is undoubtedly increasing, and many IT organisations are trying to find the right balance of rolling out technology in new and exciting ways without adding more complexity to their environments. By focusing on three underlying principles in our new PowerEdge server portfolio – accelerating application performance, empowering workloads in any environment, and simplification of systems management – customers can bridge between traditional and new IT models so they are always prepared to incorporate new innovations and stand up and optimise new applications within their data centres.”

When combined with Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of enterprise infrastructure offerings, the new PowerEdge servers offer improved levels of operational efficiency and flexibility to meet the most demanding applications and environments. 

The new servers also leverage modern storage technologies, helping customers accelerate applications by closing the gap between data and the processor, thus increasing application performance.

The first of the new Dell PowerEdge servers include the PowerEdge R730xd, R730, and R630 rack servers, the M630 blade server, and the T630 tower server.

Future Ready IT’s survey also found that 60% of IT managers are prioritising reductions in operational complexity and the simplification of data centre management with IT resource allocation. The updated systems management capabilities of Dell’s new PowerEdge servers address these priorities thanks to higher automation levels, enabling administrators to monitor and remediate data centre scenarios from any handheld device globally. 

“IT organisations are facing a growing challenge to balance innovation with the need to deliver applications faster and more efficiently, all while outpacing increasing business performance and data demands,” said Bill Laing, corporate vice president, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft. “Microsoft is working closely with Dell to deliver validated solutions on PowerEdge 13th generation servers that enable self-service capabilities and deliver all the benefits and agility of cloud computing on premise while providing consistency and mobility with Service Provider Clouds and Microsoft Azure.”

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