How Microsoft is creating more liveable cities

How Microsoft is creating more liveable cities
Some of the firm’s partners explain how they are helping cities to unlock their potential

Elly Yates-Roberts |

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Worldwide experts and visionaries came together at the recent Smart City Expo World Congress to share ideas and best practices on creating ‘cities to live in’. 

Ugo Valenti, the event director, said: “As we move forward in the development of smart cities around the planet and implement smart solutions, we must take into account the fundamental motivation driving all these changes: to make cities better places to live in. It’s our responsibility, both individually and collectively, to capitalise on the tools we have at hand to transform cities and make them the best possible places for their current inhabitants and those of the future.”

The programme was structured around five axes: digital transformation; urban environment; mobility; governance and finance; and inclusive and sharing cities.

The main speakers at the event included: Muhammad Yunus, social entrepreneur, banker, economist and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize; Rufus Pollock, economist and founder of Open Knowledge International; and Yochai Benkler, professor of law at Harvard University. 

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