Ignia and Western Power create new mobile app for customers

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 26 March 2015
Ignia and Western Power create new mobile app for customers

Australian electricity network operator Western Power has developed a new mobile app to help improve customer service.

Available on Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices, the Western Power app was developed in partnership with cloud and mobility solutions specialist Ignia.

It aims to alleviate the pressure on Western Power’s customer service team during planned and unplanned outages by giving customers real-time information about the power supply in their area.

Customers can register more than one property and receive updates for elderly relatives and other family members, helping them prepare for outages and deal with emergencies.

The app was developed in HTML5 using Ignia’s Agile Methodology for Mobility and PhoneGap for Windows Phone, Android and iOS support. It is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Thanks to this approach, the Western Power and Ignia team were able to deliver a working prototype in just six weeks before launching the full edition shortly after.

“Ignia’s expertise in Agile methodology complimented our team and contributed to the success of this innovative project,” said Leigh Sprlyan, Western Power’s chief information officer. “Any other approach wouldn’t let us achieve this goal and we appreciate the highly collaborative manner in which Ignia engaged with the stakeholders. What we have now is a sleek, multi-functional app for our customers along with a new way to deliver quick business value through technology.”

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