Microsoft collaborates with Apprenda to deliver hybrid cloud solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 01 May 2014
Microsoft collaborates with Apprenda to deliver hybrid cloud solution

Microsoft is collaborating with enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Apprenda to offer an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution for .NET and Java applications.

The new partnership will enable customers to access Apprenda’s on premise PaaS offering while capitalising on the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

The move is a major step forward in Microsoft’s bid to advance in the on-premise software PaaS sector.

Customers who license Apprenda will now have a turnkey hybrid implementation, which includes the Azure infrastructure out-of-the-box at no additional cost. This enables enterprises to capitalise on the public cloud as a feature from their data centre.

“Hybrid cloud solutions are increasingly attractive to enterprises that adhere to strict regulations but want to achieve the agility and scalability the public cloud is known for,” said Steven Martin, general manager, Microsoft. “The combination of Apprenda and Azure helps customers transform their data centre into a high efficiency application platform by incorporating public cloud resources, on their own terms.”

A hybrid cloud can help enterprises streamline their application management, increase agility and maintain a high level of computing efficiency. Apprenda’s offering stems from a want to eliminate the need to choose between public and private cloud, and Microsoft and Apprenda customers will get an Apprenda license with Azure. The joint solution will support enterprises by ensuring the transition to a hybrid cloud environment is a smooth one.

“We believe that enterprises will start to use the public cloud through a hybrid approach,” said Sinclair Schuller, co-founder and CEO, Apprenda. “Through our work with the leading enterprises in the world, we understand the cloud needs of larger organisations and developed this joint offering to help Apprenda and Microsoft customers move toward hybrid cloud environments in order to realise the full benefits of the cloud, while adhering to strict privacy and compliance regulations.”

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