On the same page: the power of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project, built on the Office 365 cloud platform, helps companies select the most compelling projects and execute them successfully

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 04 August 2015
On the same page: the power of Microsoft Project

This article was first published in the Summer 2015 issue of OnWindows

With budgets getting tighter, the demands on business leaders to deliver better results quarter after quarter are greater than ever. Projects – both strategic and tactical – are the means by which businesses build new product, process or service offerings to help achieve their objectives. Team member productivity and collaboration are essential for the completion of successful tasks, but on any given day as much as 50% of the team members may be working remotely.

Microsoft Project helps organisations successfully navigate these business challenges. Complete with a strong optimisation engine and best-of-breed task scheduling, collaboration and communication capabilities, it helps ensure the goals of business leaders are met.

“Microsoft Project ensures that organisations successfully capture and prioritise investment goals, map ideas in the pipeline and fund only those ideas that have a strong correlation with the company’s strategy,” explains Krishna Mamidipaka, a senior product manager at Microsoft. “Microsoft delivers an extensive end-to-end solution. Customers can do everything starting from ideation, demand management, programme management, project management to timesheeting, reporting and risk management – all on the same platform.”

Project users benefit from the best-in-class mobility, collaboration and communication capabilities that are a hallmark of the Office 365 platform. Customers also benefit from the significant investments Microsoft continues to make in the security, privacy and compliance aspects of the platform.

“The scalable infrastructure of Office 365 helps us support Microsoft Project deployments that span tens of thousands of users on a fairly routine basis,” Mamidipaka says. “Individual employees benefit from a ton of helpful resources and forums, user groups around the world, and a shorter learning curve thanks to the solution looking and feeling similar to other Microsoft applications. From a company perspective, they can leverage existing Office and Microsoft investments, and have one platform for everything they need for project success.”

Going forward, Microsoft is looking to introduce a more streamlined resource engagement capability, capacity heat maps for visual capacity management and forecasting. It is also looking to add an array of usability improvements and new features in both the Project Standard and Professional versions.

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