Empowering through people-centric spaces with Teams

Empowering through people-centric spaces with Teams

As the workplace continues to evolve, meeting rooms must be equipped with the tools teams need to communicate and share ideas in an immersive, engaging format, says Angela Comitini of Q-SYS 

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For years, studies have proven that our environments directly influence how we feel, work and perform. The more supportive and innovative the space, the more successful the team. However, as the workplace continues to evolve and hybrid working strategies become the new normal, the way we structure collaborative settings must also adapt.  

Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 study in partnership with Q-SYS, Discovering the High-Impact Space, defines a new type of workspace that has begun to emerge in the modern world: the high-impact space. This space uses advanced audiovisual (AV) technologies and control platforms to give teams access to more powerful interactions.  

Designing these spaces means organisations must look beyond the size or shape of the room and instead think about the environment they aim to create. With the right solutions, companies can transform underused rooms into inclusive, people-centric and engaging environments that support exciting, collaborative work.  

Q-SYS is working with the leaders of hybrid work at Microsoft to help businesses address collaboration challenges and take advantage of new opportunities by equipping Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms with solutions designed to cultivate high-impact work. 

We offer a wide portfolio of Teams-certified devices that organisations can choose from depending on the needs of each specific meeting room. In addition to hardware, the Q-SYS Platform provides a software-based foundation to meet the challenges of each space.  

For instance, Q-SYS now supports the spatial audio feature for Microsoft Teams Rooms, which helps remote team members to recreate a sense of presence through positional audio signals whilst creating a more immersive experience for in-room participants and reducing meeting fatigue. Q-SYS also offers guided room optimisation support that helps organisations make the most of a customisable and flexible AV environment.  

With Q-SYS, companies gain access to immersive collaboration technology, a streamlined integration of Teams, simplified control and comprehensive remote monitoring and management.  

As the workplace continues to evolve, deploying the right solutions will not only allow companies to reconnect and reengage with employees, but it will also allow for creativity and knowledge to flow naturally. This will lead to significant improvements in employee engagement and productivity.  

Angela Comitini is director of alliances at Q-SYS 

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