Ericsson and Microsoft team up to advance connected cars

Ericsson and Microsoft team up to advance connected cars

Collaboration aims to help automakers create new and innovative driving experiences

Richard Humphreys |

Microsoft and Ericsson are teaming up to help automakers create the next generation of connected cars.  Ericsson is building its Connected Vehicle Cloud on top of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The integrated solution allows automakers to create new and innovative driving experiences.

“The Ericsson and Microsoft partnership will deliver a comprehensive connected vehicle platform at scale to the market,” says Åsa Tamsons, Ericsson’s senior vice president. “Our integrated solutions will help automotive manufacturers accelerate their global connected vehicle solutions and offer a better experience for drivers and passengers.”

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud connects more than four million vehicles across 180 countries worldwide – approximately 10% of the connected vehicle market. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform combines cloud infrastructure, edge technology, artificial intelligence and the internet of things to enable automotive companies to accelerate the delivery of safe, comfortable and personalised connected driving experiences.

“Together with Ericsson, we intend to simplify the development of connected vehicle services to help car makers focus on their customers’ needs and accelerate the delivery of unique, tailor-made driving experiences,” said Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s executive vice president for business development.

Microsoft and Ericsson will inaugurate the new partnership at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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