KFC Pakistan deploys Dynamics 365 for accelerated growth

KFC Pakistan deploys Dynamics 365 for accelerated growth

Customised ERP platform has enabled the firm to improve efficiency and reduce human error

Elly Yates-Roberts |

KFC Pakistan has deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 to maintain its trajectory of growth and improve efficiency and communication across the business.  

The food retailer partnered with Maison Consulting & Solutions to implement the Microsoft enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.  

“We needed solutions that boosted agility and speed while offering extensive customisations to fit the business,” said Ammar Azhar, chief information officer at KFC Pakistan. “A generic off-the-shelf ERP would not allow us the customisations that Microsoft would. That was one of the major considerations we had when selecting the ERP and a front-end point-of-sale (POS) solution.” 

By using Dynamics 365, KFC Pakistan has significantly improved communication through its new Kitchen Display System, as previously orders would be communicated verbally. This has reduced human error and brought greater visibility to customer queue management.  

“The Kitchen Display System has revolutionised communication for all stakeholders,” said Raza Pirbhai, CEO at KFC Pakistan. “Restaurant team members have real-time access to orders and processes, improving efficiencies. Customers also see their orders at any time, elevating the customer experience.” 

According to Microsoft, the migration to Dynamics 365 has also enabled the firm to automate processes and streamline its financial operations. Store closing activities have been shortened to an hour and inventories are automatically updated to the dashboard, which helps store managers plan inventory at the start of each shift. 

KFC Pakistan intends to expand its partnership to integrate its customer relationship management system with the ERP platform. “With the continued support of Microsoft and Maison Consulting & Solutions, we're excited to take it to the next level,” said Azhar. 

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