Microsoft and 1910 Genetics to enable AI-driven drug discovery

Microsoft and 1910 Genetics to enable AI-driven drug discovery


The companies will use data from 1910 Genetic’s wet labs to train AI models, powered by Azure Quantum Elements

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft and 1910 Genetics have entered a five-year commercial agreement to improve research and development (R&D) productivity across the world with artificial intelligence.

1910 Genetics is an AI-native biotechnology company that aims to overcome the pharmaceutical industry’s data scarcity problem, enhance laboratory operations with AI and aid modality-agnostic drug discovery.

The partnership will combine 1910 Genetic’s data from its wet laboratories with Microsoft Azure Quantum Elements – which was launched in June 2023 to enhance AI models for chemistry-related work – to help pharmaceutical and R&D teams transition to AI-driven drug discovery.

The companies will also train multimodal AI models with the Azure system.

1910 Genetics

Data from 1910 Genetics wet labs will help the pharmaceutical industry transition to AI-driven drug discovery (image credit: Microsoft)

“AI offers an opportunity to accelerate the time from observation to discovery,” said Zulfi Alam, corporate vice president of Azure Quantum at Microsoft in a Microsoft blog. “AI for scientific discovery is characterised by the augmentation of human intelligence by AI to rapidly digest centuries of scientific knowledge, identify patterns, make observations, postulate hypotheses and predict results, all while reducing the need for experimentation.” 

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