Dell World 2015: Dell enhances big data solutions

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 22 October 2015
Dell World 2015: Dell enhances big data solutions

Dell has released a series of new big data and analytics solutions to help companies quickly and securely turn data into insights for better, faster decision-making at Dell World 2015.

The company launched Statistica 13, an updated version of its analytics software platform, which delivers data blending, data discovery and predictive analytics tools. Statistica 13 has been designed to make it easier for organisations to deploy predictive analytics models directly to data sources inside the firewall, in the cloud and in partner ecosystems.

Enhancements include a revamped user interface, deeper integration with the Statistica Interactive Visualization and Dashboard engine for more effective communication to data consumers. New Native Distributed Analytics (NDA) capabilities also allow users to run analytics in the database. Statistica 13 will initially feature NDA capability for Microsoft SQL Server databases, with additional databases to be added in subsequent releases.

“In the modern data economy, the ability to gain predictive insight from all data is critical to building an agile, connected and thriving data-driven enterprise,” said John Thompson, general manager of advanced analytics at Dell Software. “With the new capabilities and enhancements specifically delivered in Statistica 13, Dell is making it possible for organisations of all sizes to deploy predictive analytics across the enterprise and beyond in a smart, simple and cost-effective manner, ultimately empowering them to better understand customers, optimise business processes, and create new products and services.”

Dell Services has also expanded its Analytics-as-a-Service offerings with industry-specific services to help customers unearth insights, predict business outcomes, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of critical business processes.

Suited to industries with compliance requirements, Dell Service Desk Analytics transforms IT service desk management, while the Dell ModelHealth Tracker helps customers monitor the effectiveness of their various scorecard or predictive analytics models.

Other new services include Fraud, Waste and Abuse Management for the healthcare industry; Denial Likelihood Scoring and Predictive Analytics for claims management; and Churn Management/Customer Retention Services to help enterprises proactively target customers they are at risk of losing. Dell has also launched new business process outsourcing (BPO) services to help organisations embed analytics across their core processes.

“More than ever, our customers are looking for ways to make sense of the enormous amount of information they collect, so that they can focus on their core business,” said Prasad Thrikutam, president and global head of applications at Dell Services. “With the launch of our analytics-enabled BPO services, and our Analytics-as-a -Service offerings for industry verticals such as banking, healthcare and insurance, we are able to provide actionable insights customers can use to grow their businesses, enhance their customers’ experience, and gain operational efficiencies.”

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