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Partnering with Kyndryl for automated, orchestrated resiliency

Partnering with Kyndryl for automated, orchestrated resiliency

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Organisations can strengthen their defences and avoid costly and time-consuming data breaches 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The global average total cost of a data breach is $4.2 million, while the average number of days it takes to identify and contain a breach is 287 days.

No business wants to deal with an outage of production systems such as SAP, and certainly not for more than three-quarters of a year. Consequently, businesses require greater integrity, availability, and fast recoverability of enterprise systems. It is more crucial than ever for them to cultivate a strong level of protection to maintain business continuity. However, you may be asking: “Why aren’t backup and disaster recovery solutions enough to protect your enterprise?”  

Among the reasons are the increased attack surface caused by digital transformation and cloud adoption, as well as corruption propagation in disaster recovery and backup copies that affects recoverability. Highly manual response and recovery plans are also creating issues, while a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex regulatory environment is challenging.  

Kyndryl’s managed services provide complete management of your enterprise systems and applications, including SAP on Microsoft Azure, with built-in security, data protection, and cyber resilience automation capabilities. Our solutions combine deep expertise in security, SAP and the public cloud to deliver an integrated management solution that helps drive comprehensive operational resilience with security, threat management, and recovery capabilities. 

Both planned attacks and unplanned incidents can have far-reaching effects. That’s why we build security, threat management, and recovery capabilities into every layer of our solutions. As a result, our integrated approach helps reduce complexity, increase flexibility, and provide the specialised skills your enterprise needs to manage SAP enterprise applications on Azure. Delivery platforms enabled by artificial intelligence increase detection and reduce response times, while offering real-time visibility into system status and security threats. 

In the modern digital age, security incidents have become impossible to completely avoid. Our solutions are infused with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities and supported by a security operations centre to spot threats quickly and get your business back up and running, with rapid data, critical business recovery and Kyndryl cloud resiliency orchestration. 

Ready to take the next step? The Kyndryl Cyber Resilience Maturity Assessment is a remotely facilitated, one-day assessment workshop to help determine an enterprise’s level of preparedness to respond to and recover from a cyber-related event, organisations can measure the cyber resilience capabilities of their IT environment and operational processes, document their cyber resilience posture, identifying both their current and target state and then gain valuable recommendations for improvements with a customised roadmap and action plan. Finally, organisations can leverage skills, tools and best practice methods to help develop an optimised business resilience strategy. 

Cyrus Niltchian is offering management lead at Kyndryl 

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