10 organisations using Microsoft to improve teamwork and collaboration

Gil Artmoore
By Gil Artmoore on 19 August 2019
10 organisations using Microsoft to improve teamwork and collaboration

There has been no other company in the last 40 years that has been more synonymous with business than Microsoft. For decades, they have powered our operating systems, email, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. 

Microsoft is leading the way, with Google and others trying to copy when it comes to many business tools. Now Microsoft is forging a new era with innovations like cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), which will usher in a new era of growth for businesses large and small. 

Here is how they are making this future possible.

1. SAGE Publishing
SAGE Publishing is an independent publisher of academic papers, journals and other materials. Founded in 1965, the organisation has now skyrocketed the big leagues thanks to Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365.  SAGE used the Microsoft technologies to compile industry data and share it effortlessly between the salesforce and management. 

2. Hickory Farms
When Hickory Farms needed to modernise how they did business, they turned to Microsoft's Cloud services and Dynamics 365. Now their distributors and stores can get accurate inventory data and ensure that the stock reaches customers when they want it.

3. Toyota
As one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, Toyota has millions of customers to service daily. For their forklift, auto air conditioner compressors and air-jet looms, Toyota created its Global Mobile Service Solutions (GMSS). It uses Microsoft Enterprise Solutions, Dynamics and Azure to manage field service and improve how preventative maintenance is done. See other ways Toyota is using Microsoft technology

4. Ignition.Ai
There is a pattern for online purchasing behavior and Microsoft has the tools to help organisations analyse the raw data to find insights others can't. Ignition.Ai processes this data from online and retail shopping through Microsoft's Azure Cloud Network. It then analyses buyer behavior to accurately predict future retail trends.

5. Caesars Entertainment
The casino and gaming entertainment industry is as affected by technology as any other industry. Microsoft's cloud technologies are helping Caesars Entertainment connect with and meet the changing expectations of customers who use and game on mobile devices, across the company's 55 destinations. This technology combined with Office 365 allows all the individual offices to communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively. 

6. Wessex Water
Water and sewage company Wessex Water serves 2.8 million customers and employs 2,500 members of staff. Due to the company’s high demand, it was essential to ensure it had the right collaboration tools in place to meet its clients’ needs. To do this, Wessex employed various communication solutions from Igloo Software, as well as digital white-boarding to share business critical folders and improve team communication.

7. Audi
Self-driving cars are becoming more common and consequently are also being made better. Audi is improving this emerging technology through specialised simulators. To get accurate readings, these simulators process four gigabytes of data every second for every car in the test group. Microsoft's cloud computing simplifies the handling of this enormous amount of data. 

8. Cincinnati Children's Hospital
The Cincinnati Children's Hospital is working to help parents when their children go through serious injuries or illness. The hospital collaborated with Microsoft and used its Azure services to create the Caren App. It acts as an automatic parking pass, allows parents to get real-time updates on surgery, and much more.  

9. Kroger
Kroger is bringing brick and mortar grocery shopping into a new era by testing digital shelves in a handful of stores. Using Microsoft's Cloud, Kroger can instantly update stock information and the price of items. It can also directly communicate with and assist shoppers via a personalised icon which shows up on shelves when customers are near. Microsoft AI processes customer data, getting insights from their shopping behavior to improve the experience. 

10. KING TV Seattle
In the fast-paced world in which we live, the working person wants to consumer news updates quickly and easily. But with complex news, this can be exceptionally difficult to do. Jake Whittenberg, a reporter with KING TV, faced this issue when examining the economic impact of legal cannabis in the state of Washington. Using Microsoft Business Intelligence, he was able to analyse reams of Excel sheets full of raw data and succinctly tell his viewers how that tax revenue was being spent. 

Gil Artmoore has spent the past decade working various roles in IT departments but has recently started writing to share his insights into the small business and technology worlds with others.

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