Cloud and AI: a dynamic duo

Cloud and AI: a dynamic duo

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According to Adrian Amos at Synergy Technical, the combination of cloud computing and artificial intelligence adoption is reshaping the business landscape

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Rapid technological transformation is requiring businesses across the globe to adapt and future-proof their operations. The cloud has become an essential tool for streamlining operations and connecting partner, workforce and customer ecosystems in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. 

This paradigm shift, coupled with the power of AI, drives enterprises and public sector organisations of every kind toward the cloud at an unprecedented pace. Microsoft stands out as a frontrunner in this digital transformation, propelling firms towards competitive advantage at lightning speed and on a global scale with its Industry for Cloud offerings and AI-powered solutions like Microsoft Copilot.  

Cloud computing has now become a cornerstone of modern business strategies. It has evolved beyond simple data storage to a comprehensive ecosystem that hosts applications, data and services, enabling businesses to harness the potential of digital innovation. 

Ten years ago, we were deploying servers, storage and networks in Azure at an extremely fast pace, replicating on-premises data centres to host low-risk applications that needed scalability and uptime. Now we deploy mission-critical services and applications natively in the cloud with unmatched scalability, availability and security. This flexibility has enabled Synergy Technical’s clients to confidently tear down data silos and deliver immediate business value, often at significantly lower rates than those early rehosting projects. 

As businesses migrate to the cloud, they also tap into the immense potential of AI. With Copilot, for example, businesses can harness AI to automate tasks, gain insights from their data and improve customer experiences. Whether it’s predicting maintenance needs for manufacturing equipment, optimising supply chain logistics, or personalising user interactions, AI-powered solutions are invaluable assets in the quest for operational excellence. 

Business data used to get trapped in dozens of systems across myriad solutions. Organisations may have had all the data necessary to innovate but finding it and reasoning over it could prove nigh impossible. When that same data resides in the cloud, Copilot turns herculean tasks into simple queries, delivering previously unimaginable productivity gains. Synergy Technical is thrilled to be at the forefront of this next chapter in digital transformation. We have seen incredible innovations that have changed the conversation from ‘what if’ to ‘what now’. 

The combination of cloud computing and AI is reshaping the business landscape. Enterprises that embrace this technological evolution are poised to gain a significant competitive advantage. As the cloud continues to evolve and AI capabilities grow, the possibilities for businesses are limitless, making it an exciting time for those ready to embark on this transformative journey.  

Adrian Amos is a senior solutions architect at Synergy Technical 

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