2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: ITWORX Education

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 13 June 2014
2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: ITWORX Education

ITWORX Education has been named the Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Education category.

The company’s Connected Learning Gateway is a social and mobile virtual learning environment that supports modern teaching through communication and collaboration. The solution can be integrated with innovative mobile applications such as TeachLIVE, StudyLIVE and AuthorKit Reader, which enable the learning to continue beyond the school premises for students, teachers and parents. Using Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, CRM and Windows 8, the company provides customers with rich, customised experiences.

Hatem Sallam, ITWORX Education’s CEO (pictured), spoke to OnWindows about what it means to his company to win this award.

Tell me a little bit about your company and what you do.

ITWORX Education is a market leader in K12 education transformation and reform through the application of technology. The company provides technology solutions, manifested in products and services for learning, instruction, and management, as well as adoption and change management services designed to raise student outcomes, teacher effectiveness and institutional development. We partner with stakeholders worldwide to meet the education aspirations of the 21st century. Our team has provided award-winning, unique, and user-centric products and services that employ the latest technologies and cutting-edge education practices, tools, and applications to meet the education-specific requirements of schools, teachers, students, administrators, and school leaders.

Congratulations on winning the award. What does this accolade mean to your company?

This is a manifestation of the great business model that Microsoft avails for its ecosystem, creating a sustainable win-win relationship for its partners. The award makes us more eager to strengthen our work with the Microsoft team to realise the untapped potential of success worldwide. It is indeed a reflection of unique teamwork that provides real value to education stakeholders and improves institutional effectiveness, learning, and instruction.

What competencies did you have to demonstrate to be a contender?

ITWORX Education demonstrated its effective engagement with Microsoft by leveraging its industry knowledge and expertise to deliver consistently high-quality solutions to education customers whilst taking advantage of the Microsoft Partner Network. We also demonstrated our business leadership and success by leveraging Microsoft’s latest technology, such as Windows 8 apps and Office 365 for Education. We were able to showcase the outstanding achievements of our innovative solutions in upholding our education customers, whether a ministry, a district, or single school, in their quest to empower youth with 21st century skills, provide them with real-world experience, and reinforce lifelong learning abilities.

How are you applying these competencies to help your customers solve their business challenges?

We work with visionary education customers to build innovative learning environments in schools, enable both students and teachers to develop 21st century skills, and ultimately nurture a self-fulfilling knowledge-based society. Combining our expertise with our innovative products and services bridges the gap between teachers, students, and parents in the age of technology and mobile devices. This enhances communication, collaboration, and understanding among stakeholders, and leads to the realisation of short-term and long-term strategic objectives to raise student enrolment, engagement, and outcomes, enhance teacher performance and effectiveness, and gear the education organisation towards educational reform and transformation for the new age.

The use of Microsoft technology like SharePoint, SQL, Office 365, and Windows 8 has allowed ITWORX Education to provide customers with a unique, customised, and rich experience. ITWORX Education’s social learning management system, Connected Learning Gateway (CLG), is designed to enhance the teaching process for teachers, make learning fun and insightful for K-12 students, and facilitate communication and collaboration between students, school administrators, teachers, and parents. The use of SharePoint provides users with out-of-the-box features that facilitate their work and enhance collaboration (for example content management, wikis, blogs, and discussion boards). While extended SharePoint functionalities enable a better user experience.

Microsoft technologies allow ITWORX Education to integrate CLG with several of its mobile apps, such as TeachLIVE, StudyLIVE and AuthorKit Reader. These mobile apps support ‘anytime anywhere’ learning and take communication and collaboration to a new level. StudyLIVE and TeachLIVE are Windows 8 apps that allow students and teachers to enjoy a unified experience across personal computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This feature complements our vision for creating functional and enjoyable apps that empower teachers and learners with the tools for creative and innovative thinking and learning. Microsoft Lync also allows virtual classrooms to exist between teachers and students.

ITWORX Education integrated Office 365 with CLG. Adding ample storage space (25GB) per user, the formula encourages increased email exchange, more collaboration and real-time academic contributions, and heightened document and information sharing in student-to-student, teacher-to-student, and teacher-to-teacher communications. This helps to stimulate and speed up the pedagogical process across schools.  

Besides our product portfolio, ITWORX Education takes great care to deliver the right user training, adoption services and change management consulting that ensures technology is used to bring positive change to education. We realise that technology on its own is not sufficient to achieve the strategic objectives of our education customers, and that changing the mindset of stakeholders in the educational process can be a challenge. That is why we work hand in hand with our customers and Microsoft to ensure that meaningful and practical implementations are made that ultimately bring about the educational transformation that matches the needs of modern society. 

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