AIA Group boosts employee collaboration with Office 365

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 07 January 2016
AIA Group boosts employee collaboration with Office 365

Asia Pacific-based insurance provider AIA Group has boosted employee collaboration and significantly improved customer service by migrating more than 20,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

AIA worked with the Microsoft Consulting Services team to replace five separate business productivity tools – each supported by a different vendor – with Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite and better support teams in 18 different markets. This has simplified IT management, improved data security and compliance, and reduced operational costs.

Marketing teams can now share campaign proposals via Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, while Skype for Business is used to facilitate online meetings to broadcast product-launch details to managers across Asia. The legal team can also use SharePoint Online to quickly access important corporate documents.

“Whether it is co-editing documents on the fly with team members in different countries or reviewing PowerPoint decks on a tablet in a taxi before a meeting, using Office 365 helps these dispersed teams to provide responsive service to our customers,” said Andrew Anker, head of Infrastructure Services and Technology Risk at AIA Group, in a Microsoft blog post. “Connecting across Asia through Skype for Business meetings, Yammer groups, instant messaging or just the ability to communicate with an enhanced e-mail structure is changing the way we work and think as a company.”

In addition, team members can use Yammer to share updates about the company’s actuarial software and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues across Asia, despite language differences. AIA has also launched a new social network – Wave – which is used by more than 2,300 groups and 14,000 employees.

“With the freedom to express themselves in their own languages, employees generate meaningful dialogue and innovate on a more spontaneous level,” said Anker. “We have brilliant people working in this organisation and today they are using Office 365 to more easily contribute their ideas and add value to the products and services we offer.”

Office 365 has also enhanced mobility, allowing employees to access files and respond to Yammer posts or e-mails from anywhere, whether they are using desktop PCs in the office, or mobile devices while at a customer meeting.

“Our journey with Office 365 gave us the confidence and trust to work with Microsoft on a significant new project where we are using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment to help improve responsiveness during peak workloads,” said Anker. “Both these projects are giving us the ability to meet the changing expectations of our customers for digital services that will keep us competitive in the 21st century.”

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