Indian port uses Microsoft Azure for streamlined logistics

Indian port uses Microsoft Azure for streamlined logistics
Digital solution from Kale Logistics Solutions has reduced costs, paperwork and emissions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust in Tamil Nadu, India, is using Microsoft Azure to streamline its logistics processes. Microsoft partner Kale Logistics Solutions helped the port create a digital solution to reduce paperwork, truck waiting times and emissions. 

The port handles around 1,568 containers every year, each of which may have 10 stakeholders with their own documentation processes. This results in the creation of around 40 documents before a container has been loaded onto the cargo vessel, and waiting times of around six hours for the trucks carrying them.   

Kale Logistics Solutions created a single-window platform called CODEX – Container Digital Exchange – to capture and make information available to all parties. 

“Given the strategic national importance of ports, there are elements of data security, safety and reliability that come into play,” said Vineet Malhotra, director of Kale Logistics Solutions. “Therefore, we decided to go with Microsoft Azure for its ease of deployment, support, security, scalability, and cost optimisation.” 

The platform provides a digital document for each container, reducing cost, paperwork and human error. Port gate officers can use these instead of doing physical verifications, which has sped up the movement of containers through the port. And with trucks spending less time waiting, their fuel consumption has been almost halved.

“The port has been able to cut down carbon emissions by 75%, and we’re glad that we’re able to do our bit in the fight against climate change,” said David Raja, president of the Tuticorin Container Freight Station Association.

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