Namogoo launches e-commerce solution for better retail experiences

Namogoo launches e-commerce solution for better retail experiences

Customer Journey OS will help brands understand shoppers’ real-time needs and provide digital solutions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software developer Namogoo has launched a new e-commerce solution – called Customer Journey OS – to deliver more meaningful retail experiences based on shoppers’ real-time needs.  

The solution is pre-populated with data relevant to e-commerce teams, simplifying the process of gathering, cleansing, integrating and standardising disparate data streams. This enables them to improve the online journey for customers.  

It also unifies the process for retailers, consolidating a wide array of tools and integrations into one, which speeds up analysis and allows customer journey refinements to be implemented in real time. Namogoo's artificial intelligence identifies inefficiencies or areas for improvement so that retailers can take immediate action on these insights. 

“Customer Journey OS standardises and aligns a wide array of tools, helping e-commerce companies speak in one voice to their customers and avoid misaligned segments, messages and actions,” said Chemi Katz, CEO of Namogoo. “Layering our journey data together with a retailer’s proprietary data and Namogoo’s intelligence on customer journeys, Customer Journey OS helps brands tailor their digital customer journeys site for each individual customer in real time, increasing the ultimate likelihood of a purchase.” 

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