IT decision makers need to prioritise technology investments, says Microsoft

IT decision makers need to prioritise technology investments, says Microsoft

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New report found that 89 per cent workers would use AI more if they had the right tools 

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A new report from Microsoft has found that 40 per cent of IT decision makers (ITDMs) in the UK feel that their organisation is falling behind because of insufficient investment in new technology. 

The report, The AI+Talent Equation, also found that 89 per cent of workers who use artificial intelligence every day would use it even more if they had the right tools. 

According to Microsoft, this indicates that investing in technology is vital, not only to maintain a competitive edge, but to also meet the growing needs of employees. 

Furthermore, the study discovered that 25 per cent of workers don’t feel their work PC is powerful enough to run AI, whilst 29 per cent of workers believe their current PC or device is slowing down their work. This is shown to have a knock-on effect, as 60 per cent of employees that are currently looking to change jobs say they would probably stay longer if their current employer helped them to develop more digital skills. 

“The rapid adoption of AI in the workplace necessitates higher specification technology and digital upskilling,” said Alan Slothower, head of surface commercial at Microsoft UK, on the Microsoft website. “For IT decision makers, it is imperative to prioritise and provide AI-ready PCs and effective training. Empowering staff in this way is especially important for younger generations, with these tools crucial for retention and career engagement.” 

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