AvePoint releases DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 5

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 09 September 2014
AvePoint releases DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 5

AvePoint has made its DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack 5, which enables administrators to implement an extensible data governance strategy, generally available.

The new release provides business owners with insight into Microsoft SharePoint site provisioning, as well as content and permissions management, helping to develop an information architecture based on the specific needs of enterprises.

New features include the streamlining of all security features through a single system with a managed service request process. This provides more insight into each request, such as who made the access request, the time it was made, who approved the request, and the level of access granted.

Drive governance automation-related information is also presented to users via the SharePoint interface with a banner or ‘badge’. This can be auto-populated on the top of all SharePoint pages, with colour, graphic, and label indications of the specific policy applied.

The service pack’s new site information card eliminates the need for users to leave their SharePoint site by allowing access to governance automation-maintained information, such as site contacts, metadata, quota usage, and lifecycle information.

The new service pack also provides improved security options during provisioning, with users able to define specific groups and allow requesters to add more members during the site and site collection provisioning process.

Administrators can also enforce and automate stated database processes and policies by specifying content database server targets, size thresholds and naming schemes.

A new site quota change service also enables greater performance optimisation, as administrators can set more conservative initial quotas and allow authorised users to request quota increase and decrease for site collections.

“Social enterprise collaboration and cloud computing may have turned normal business operations on its head within the past few years, but it doesn’t take away the ultimate importance of overall data governance,” said George Petrou, chief technology officer, AvePoint. “The newest features in Governance Automation enable users to have easy access to SharePoint for their collaboration initiatives while ensuring that pre-established governance policies are met.”

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