Miracl promotes modern security with Passwordless Day

Miracl promotes modern security with Passwordless Day

Firm is asking businesses to highlight the ineffectiveness of the traditional password

Elly Yates-Roberts |

UK-based software business Miracl is calling out to the verification industry to join together today, on 23 June 2021, to highlight the ineffectiveness of traditional passwords and the security benefits of a ‘passwordless’ strategy. 

With the rise of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, technology providers have been encouraging businesses to take new security approaches through standards such as Web Authentication API and Fast Identity Online, which enable passwordless authentication across platforms. 

“It means users can get to services and applications faster, achieve a higher level of security and reduce IT ticket sales costs,” said Rob Griffin, CEO at Miracl. 

On 23 June – chosen to commemorate the birthday of cryptography pioneer Alan Turing – Miracl has asked businesses to share their thoughts about passwords on social media using the hashtag #PasswordlessDay to bring attention to the issue. 

“Eight years ago, Intel launched World Password Day to encourage people to use stronger, more unique passwords,” said Griffin. “Fast forward to 2021, technological advances mean we no longer need to be using passwords at all – there are safe, secure and effective alternatives that minimise risk and make users even safer online. So today we are celebrating Passwordless Day – to highlight the vulnerability of passwords and encourage a world where they no longer exist.

“In essence, the password is to user security what the cassette player is to music: outdated, inefficient and prone to failing at the worst possible moment. It’s time we embrace the future. It’s time we go passwordless.” 

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