BASF to migrate 112,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 02 October 2014
BASF to migrate 112,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365

Chemical company BASF is to migrate its 112,000 employees to Microsoft Office 365 by mid-2015 to improve communication and collaboration.

Following the migration, BASF will use the Microsoft cloud platform to connect phones, tablets and traditional desktop computers for its worldwide staff. This will enable its employees to access their e-mails, share documents and collaborate on projects easily, regardless of their location, thereby improving productivity.

In addition, Office the 365 solution can be scaled more flexibly than stationary IT infrastructures, which will enable the platform to be expanded quickly as BASF grows in size.

“The goal of the global implementation of Microsoft Office 365 is to establish an efficient and user-friendly IT solution that supports our business processes optimally, and works independently of the devices our staff members use,” said Wiebe van der Horst, senior vice president of global process and enterprise architecture of the BASF Group Information Services and Supply Chain Operations.

In the future, BASF also plans to implement Windows Intune to administer and manage the company’s smartphones more efficiently.

“Microsoft supports BASF in this comprehensive and complex project by being available as a partner,” said Thomas Schröder, general manager of Micrsoft Germany’s Enterprise and Partner Group. “The key criterion for BASF was the ability to transition smoothly, with the support of IT tools, so ongoing operations were not impaired.”

(Image: Press photo BASF)

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