Bringing healthcare closer to the elderly

Sencom’s communications solution has made it easier for healthcare providers to deliver care to patients at four care homes in south-east Finland

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 07 October 2016
Bringing healthcare closer to the elderly

This article first appeared in the Autumn 2016 issue of The Record.

Many social and healthcare professionals are exploring how digital communication solutions can be used to provide more efficient services and reach clients who do not have easy access to care.

A healthcare district in south-east Finland, for example, has piloted the Sencom Remote doctor service environment to provide care services to elderly patients living at four residential care homes as part of Project ESSO. This initiative aims to drive healthcare service model transformation.

Using the solution, doctors can deliver telemedicine services and remotely diagnose patients using HD-quality video, digital otoscopes and stethoscopes. Sencom’s easy-to-use communication service has significantly reduced the number of onsite visits, improving patient safety and dramatically decreasing costs.

“By developing user-friendly service layers on top of the existing applications, like Microsoft Skype for Business and its consumer-focused counterpart Skype, we offer our customers scalable possibilities for modernising their services,” says Jouni Turunen, CEO and founding partner of Sencom.

Management has provided support for care personnel throughout the digital services pilot to ensure the new technologies and service model are fully embedded in daily routines. Innovative leaders are always the main drivers when introducing new service processes for teams, organisations and industries – without this support, organisations end up with new systems and costs.

Successful service transformation programmes can change the whole healthcare industry to ensure that remote social and healthcare services are available to everyone.


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