Infosys and Microsoft: a secure partnership

Infosys and Microsoft: a secure partnership


Maruthi Rao Gadde shares how the collaboration between the two organisations is helping customers meet their security needs 

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Infosys and Microsoft collaborate to deliver innovative security solutions to optimise clients’ security posture and manage SaaS challenges. 

Infosys adheres to the ‘3S principles for cybersecurity’: secure by design, secure by scale and secure the future. These principles guide us in delivering security solutions across four key pillars: identity and access management, data and application security, cloud and infrastructure security, and security operations and governance. 

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft is crucial to our being able to meet our clients’ security requirements. 

A combination of Infosys tools and Microsoft’s products and platforms allow us to provide end-to-end security services through various solutions. One of those is Infosys Cyber Next, a platform that integrates various security capabilities and technologies – such as threat detection, response and remediation – by using Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Azure Security Center. Infosys Cyber Next also offers security consulting, assessment and implementation services to help clients optimise their security posture and maturity. 

The Infosys SaaS Security solution helps businesses secure their software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications – such as Microsoft 365 – by providing visibility, control and compliance, using Microsoft Cloud App Security. Infosys SaaS Security also helps clients manage the risks and challenges associated with SaaS adoption, such as data leakage, shadow IT and regulatory compliance. 

We have also developed a solution that helps businesses manage and secure the identities and access of their users, devices and applications, by providing authentication, authorisation and governance, using Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The Infosys Identity and Access Management solution also helps clients enable seamless and secure access across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as supporting digital transformation and identity-centric security initiatives. 

Infosys and Microsoft collaborate on joint research and innovation in cybersecurity. Together, we help businesses protect themselves from cyber threats and secure their future in the digital era. Through this partnership, we also share best practices, insights and learnings from joint security projects and engagements, as well as a vision and roadmap for security.  

Maruthi Rao Gadde

Maruthi Rao Gadde is a principal technology architect at Infosys 

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