Carillion uses the power of Yammer to unite its global workforce

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 25 January 2016
Carillion uses the power of Yammer to unite its global workforce

Carillion, an integrated support service company with staff located across the UK, Canada and the Middle East, is using the power of Yammer to bring its workforce together.

With some 46,000 staff, many of which work remotely, the company believes in creating a community amongst its people to help them feel part of the company wherever they are in the world.

Part of Microsoft Office 365, Yammer enables Carillion’s staff to connect with one another regardless of location, and helps support peer-to-peer collaboration and innovation. This in turn enables staff to engage with people more effectively, improve operations and deliver a better service to customers.

Since the company rolled Yammer out three years ago, Carillion’s online network has grown to 6,000 users and more than 56 active communities.

“Carillion is committed to being the leading integrated support services company and we work closely with customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions that deliver lasting benefits,” said Lisa Benbow, director of corporate communications for Carillion, in a blog post. “So our sustainability network managers use Yammer to work together, share best practices and generate excitement and awareness around achieving our goals to reduce carbon emissions, water, waste and travel.”

Yammer forms a vital part of Carillion’s annual Values Week, which sees employees share stories of how they are bringing the company’s corporate values to life.

“Last year, we used Yammer to create the buzz that comes with social networking to get people involved at the grassroots level,” said Benbow. “It was an amazing success. The activity on Yammer doubled for Values Week and the number of posts tripled. We engaged more of our people than ever before, sharing stories and photos and connecting with many mobile colleagues via their smart phones, so they were able to participate in Values Week for the first time.”

Benbow adds: “Yammer reinforces our belief that engaged employees are more connected with our company goals and mission and more committed to delivering great service for our customers and the communities we serve. It’s a huge business value.”

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