Carlsberg sees greater collaboration and coordination with Office 365

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 12 April 2016
Carlsberg sees greater collaboration and coordination with Office 365

Carlsberg is continuing to reap the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 as the company seeks to unify its global network of brewers.

The company has seen significant growth in recent times. Having entered a significant number of regional markets since the year 2000, today Carlsberg is a globally recognised beer brand with some 80 breweries.

In order to maintain the standards Carlsberg expects, the company had to address a number of collaboration and coordination challenges across the various markets in which it operates.

“As Carlsberg entered regional markets, we acquired disparate local IT infrastructures that could not communicate with each other, which meant colleagues joining the company from around the world couldn’t easily share knowledge and join the Carlsberg culture,” said Anders Munck, enterprise architect for the Carlsberg Group. “In a business developing by leaps and bounds, our team needed to provide seamless worldwide communication and collaboration fast.”

With more than 40,000 existing employees and numerous infrastructures throughout the company, building a new infrastructure and solution to accommodate growth from the ground up would delay business benefits by as much as five years.

“Our decision in IT was to avoid building any new infrastructure at all and move everyone to Microsoft Office 365,” said Munck. “Our experience with Office 365 proves that an enterprise-grade business cloud solution means you do not have to start from the ground up to achieve an agile, connected organisation. Today, all our employees use the same cloud productivity services to erase the geographical barriers to effective teamwork across the company.”

Staff are taking part in interactive video conferences, with brewers sharing recipes via SharePoint Online to enable consistent beer production across the globe. Sales reps are able to be more productive and access files on their devices thanks to SharePoint Online, while IT teams can share implementation designs with ease.

With the assistance of Microsoft Services consultants, Carlsberg has been able to mix cloud and on-premises accounts. The company has been able to deploy Office 365 as a single, global IT solution throughout. This is despite being comprised of approximately 30 separate local IT organisations.

Carlsberg also created corporate Office 365 training materials to help enable consistency among the various local IT organisations, which discouraged customisation and helped lower complexity.

“As a design principle, we use the default settings in Office 365 for at least six months,” Munck explained. “After that, any time we make a change, it’s either a global change or a legal requirement.”

Munck says that thanks to Microsoft Office 365, the way Carlsberg’s people around the world collaborate has been revolutionised.

“Our top executives connect from St. Petersburg, Hong Kong and Switzerland using Skype for Business Online, and our business departments are brainstorming and collaborating using interactive video meetings with hundreds of people participating to bring products to market faster,” said Munck. “We never thought we could come so far so quickly, but thanks to Office 365, we are improving individual productivity, virtual teamwork and business efficiencies to stay ahead in the global market.”

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