Cincinnati Country Day School selects Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 06 June 2014
Cincinnati Country Day School selects Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Cincinnati Country Day School has rolled out the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet to its students and teaching staff.

A private school located in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, the school was the first in the US to go one to one in 1996. This means that for the past 18 years, every fifth to twelfth grader at the school has had their own device to work on.

“In 2003, tablet PCs came out, and we were very excited at the prospect of what that would bring to the classroom and we immediately switched,” explains Robert Baker, director of Technology at Cincinnati Country Day School. “Every student learns differently, and every teacher teaches differently, so we need a device that will support them in whatever they want to do throughout their four years. The Surface Pro 3 is so lightweight yet solid, that I’m not worried about students carrying it around with them. And having the full power of Windows 8.1 with the keyboard and 12 inch screen make it a great primary computing device for teachers.”

The rollout is providing teachers with the flexibility to teach classes in the way they feel is best.

“Being able to use a computer that allows you to do whatever you need to do is great,” said Nate Johnson, a Middle School Science teacher at Cincinnati Country Day. “Having multiple programs open at once and being able to use the different Microsoft suite programs really helps the learning process.”

Baker is confident that the Surface Pro 3 is a device flexible enough to meet the needs of teaching staff to deliver the most advanced lessons possible.

“We’ve been doing this with tablet PC’s for 12 years,” he said. “I’m trying to create the most powerful teaching and learning environment on the planet. I want to remove constraints and the Surface Pro 3 absolutely lets us do that.”

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