Clearswift launches new security solution for Microsoft Exchange

Secure Exchange Gateway provides critical information protection and compliance within Exchange environments

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 13 January 2014
Clearswift launches new security solution for Microsoft Exchange

Clearswift has launched its Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG), designed to enable businesses to strategically manage and protect their critical information within an internal Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

SXG detects inappropriate content sharing, malicious executable file types, imbedded malware and identifies violations in conversations or documents using Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology. The solution enables critical information protection and compliance thanks to automatic recognition and removal of sensitive data that passes within companies’ Microsoft Exchange networks.

“SXG provides organisations with the ability to maintain and enforce their information governance policies,” said Dr Guy Bunker, senior vice president of Products at Clearswift. “It enables the entire organisation to work smarter, sharing IT responsibility and enabling secure collaboration. It is designed to empower businesses with increased efficiency and to arm them against the most common data breaches within business today.”

The solution uses deep content inspection of both messaging and attachments, and Clearswift’s data loss prevention system ensures inappropriate content or critical sensitive information is detected using keyword search.

Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology can consistently detect and prevent the leaking of sensitive data through email or attachment, both in and out of an organisation. Only the specific information that violates policy is removed, rather than an email or attachment in its entirety. The Adaptive Redaction technology is supported on numerous platforms, including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML files.

“With SXG, we have worked towards making it easier to secure data within the Exchange environment, both from an internal as well as a traditional inbound and outbound perspective, ensuring that that the business critical information remains safe,” added Bunker.

A key feature of SXG is the solution’s ‘Monitor Mode’, which allows organisations to test their data loss prevention and information governance policies without having an impact on message flows. The platform processes copies of messages, and uses results to identify content issues, and whether or not policies need adjusting. Scalable and off-box, the solution reduces the demand on the Exchange servers, and is deployable using hardware or virtual machines. It can also be fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, allowing administrators of different privileges to perform system tasks, reporting and monitoring.

“The use of email has vastly improved productivity for employees and expanded the ability to exchange important business communications and documents,” said Fran Howarth, senior security analyst, Bloor-Research. “Many such communications are used to exchange sensitive information, such as financial records or personally identifiable information. The integration of Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction capabilities with the Microsoft Exchange platform in a new product, Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway, provides such capabilities for one of the most popular email programs in use by organisations to ensure that sensitive information is protected when it is emailed either internally within the organisation or to external parties, better enabling organisations to meet their security and compliance objectives.”


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