ClickLearn and Andovar create new automated translation service

Alice Chambers
Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers on 01 December 2021
ClickLearn and Andovar create new automated translation service

ClickLearn has partnered with Andovar to launch a new in-app professional translation service, making it quicker and easier for enterprise customers to translate business documents and recordings. 

Andovar, an international translation and localisation firm, uses over 5,000 vetted translators to capture context and subtleties correctly.  

"The whole team at Andovar is excited about our collaboration and this great opportunity to provide professional training translation solutions to ClickLearn's customers,” said Steven Bussey, vice president of marketing at Andovar. “Translation automation is the hot topic in localisation these days, and ClickLearn makes the entire process so simple by providing a translation ecosystem right inside their solution!"  

Users click a button within ClickLearn's app to receive a translated quote from Andovar. Once the users selects a translation, ClickLearn distributes the translations to the correct places across all their recordings and structures. This helps users to save time and money when translating.  

“This is the first time we are making external services available for our customers inside the ClickLearn application,” said Joachim Schiermacher, CEO of ClickLearn. “Having professional translations available at the click of a button can mean a world of difference to many of our global customers.”

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