ClickLearn helps Fastpath improve compliance through training

Elly Yates-Roberts
Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 03 September 2019
ClickLearn helps Fastpath improve compliance through training

E-learning software provider ClickLearn is helping compliance specialist Fastpath improve its time-to-market through training. The partnership has enabled Fastpath to scale its programme and help end customers in a growing list of languages. 

Fastpath builds security and compliance tools for use with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to ensure its clients keep up with regulations. However, after undergoing a cloud transition it needed to rapidly scale to serve its increasing global customer base. ClickLearn’s training solution helped the firm to standardise and streamline the delivery of training for its own systems.

“We use ClickLearn for all of our materials focused on Fastpath solutions,” said Mark Polino, director of client services at Fastpath. “When I started playing with it, I was blown away. I was able to pick 10 or 12 different trainings to translate and almost instantly created French, Spanish and German copies.” 

According to Polino, second-language English speakers can also use the solution for more detailed documentation in their own language to resolve technical challenges. 

“Users can train on our software and see how it works on other systems,” he said. “A multinational may have a large South American or European division. Having content ready in another language is a huge help rather than hiring translators.”

ClickLearn also supports  Microsoft Dynamics ERP, a key differentiator for Fastpath which relies heavily on these solutions.  

The implementation process was straightforward, according to Polino. With the tools in place, Fastpath now updates its content every 10 weeks and can easily change and republish documentation. ClickLearn also gives its users the option to output training materials as a video or a document.

“The ability to generate multiple types of documents and training is great,” said Polino. “I work in a ClickLearn interface similar to Microsoft Word with words on the left and images on the right. I build and make my adjustments, then I switch to a video mode and watch it play through to spot any mistakes.”

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