ClickLearn launches new Digital Adoption Talks podcast

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 07 September 2022
ClickLearn launches new Digital Adoption Talks podcast

ClickLearn has launched its new Digital Adoption Talks podcast, featuring input from Microsoft most valuable professional Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher.  

The virtual series will address some of the challenges facing businesses when taking on digital adoption projects and aims to equip listeners with best practice guidance.  

The first episode explores the top user adoption issues in Dynamics 365 projects as revealed from a recent poll of industry insiders. Hosts discuss the results and share ways for businesses to overcome these challenges.  

Schiermacher also highlights the importance of user adoption strategies, and suggests that organisations must carefully consider their existing training, support and documentation processes to make them more adaptable to change and minimise adoption issues.  

Upcoming episodes will be released in two-week intervals and will include input from a range of industry experts, including AJ Ansari, chief operating officer of DSW; JC Quintana, author and founder of Dialogueprime; Louis Trahan, president at Learngistics; and Chuck Ingram, CEO of congruentX.  

Listen to the first episode on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or Spotify via



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