COPA-DATA improves ergonomics in 7.11 version of its zenon solution

Industrial automation software provider will release update in March; includes new 'faceplate' screen type

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 17 February 2014
COPA-DATA improves ergonomics in 7.11 version of its zenon solution

COPA-DATA is to release a new version of its zenon automation software this March.

zenon 7.11 will bring a range of innovations and improvements, particularly in the areas of ergonomic interaction and control, as well as lot-based production and process control.

The development team behind the new software considered numerous factors when creating zenon 7.11, including user-friendliness, simplification, relevance, data availability, data aggregation, performance improvements and efficiency.

“The best software is useless if users cannot happily and efficiently work with it,” said Reinhard Mayr, COPA-DATA product manager. “We take this message as the basis for our software development. This means it is no longer just about offering new functionalities because there is a demand for them on the market. The value lies much more in how the new functionalities are implemented, so that the user can be best supported in his role and with his individual tasks and requirements. The ‘how’ is what makes the big difference then. zenon 7.11 is therefore COPA-DATA’s next contribution to improved ergonomics in industry practices.”

A new ‘faceplate’ screen allows for reduced engineering efforts and improved flexibility. Ergonomic working is enhanced thanks to a simplified user administration, and user details from the Windows domain can be created, edited or deleted directly in the zenon Runtime. This makes it possible to save all HMI/SCADA relevant information to the Windows user.

The new version of zenon includes a global symbol library to provide better support for central engineering approaches, in which all contents of global projects are saved via backups and can be simply and centrally distributed. Currently loaded projects are automatically updated when changes to elements residing in the library are carried out. This helps users save time and reduce maintenance efforts.

The latest version of zenon brings several improvements to lot-based production, popular in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Also, the zenon Runtime module can now be used as Windows service, without the requirement of a Windows login on the server operating system. This brings maintenance and security benefits, as HMI/SCADA servers can be seamlessly embedded into existing IT infrastructures.

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