Dell releases new version of KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 14 May 2014
Dell releases new version of KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance

Dell has released a new version of its KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance, designed to help customers prepare IT environments for the effects of the internet of things.

With a proliferation in the number of devices, sensors and objects thanks to the internet of things, Dell KACE K1000 version 6.0 will help companies accommodate for these changes by providing greater visibility across their entire IT infrastructure and help support endpoint security.

The new release includes agentless technology, which extends agent-based management to track all connected devices and covers printers, power, storage and network switches, routers, firewalls without having to install software directly on those devices.

KACE K1000 version 6 also offers broader cross-platform inventory support, which helps support the management of a range of systems.

Automated software blacklisting also helps customers avoid security threats and vulnerablities.

The IDC recently revealed that the internet of things is likely to cover approximately 212 billion ‘things’ by 2020, and that 2014 is likely to see the shipment of in excess of 1.7 billion smart-connected devices globally.

“IT departments are on the frontlines of the internet of things assault, especially when it comes to configuring, managing, updating and securing all the devices that need to communicate and interact,” said David Kloba, general manager, Endpoint Systems Management, Dell Software. “The new Dell KACE K1000 enables companies to be better prepared for internet of things by giving them greater visibility across their entire IT infrastructure, while delivering enhanced functionality to help reduce security risks, ensure endpoint integrity and ease ever-evolving systems management demands.”

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