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Foyer Global Health transforms services for multilingual customers with Anywhere365

Foyer Global Health transforms services for multilingual customers with Anywhere365


Post Luxembourg implemented Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud and Dialogue Studio to help global health insurance firm optimise operations 

Rebecca Gibson |

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Foyer Global Health provides international health insurance products and services for expatriates and their families, digital nomads and others in more than 180 countries worldwide. The firm, which is part of Luxembourg’s largest insurer Foyer Group, also offers health solutions for corporates, multinationals and organisations of all sizes with an international workforce. The services are delivered in collaboration with its network of partners and brokers.  

To empower its employees to interact with all customers in their preferred language and cater to their specific needs wherever they are in the world, Foyer Global Health developed a cloud-first Digital Workplace built on technologies from Microsoft and other vendors. Post Luxembourg provided the system integrations services for the project.  

When it decided to enhance the Digital Workplace with an omnichannel cloud-based contact centre solution, Foyer Global Health once again sought the help of Post, which also manages the unified communications infrastructure for the wider Foyer Group.  

Post recommended the Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud, a cloud-based contact centre solution that natively integrates with Microsoft Teams and other back-office IT systems so businesses can interact with customers from any device, channel, location or time zone. 

The Anywhere365 solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Microsoft Azure cloud to eliminate unnecessary dialogues by automatically routing customer enquiries from multiple channels to the most relevant person in the organisation via Teams. The employee can see contextual and historical customer data, which helps them to personalise the conversation and offer first contact resolution. Other features and functionalities, such as call recording and real-time translation, enable employees to work more productively and efficiently too.  

After evaluating multiple platforms, Foyer Global Health chose to move ahead with Post Luxembourg’s suggestion. 

“We are fully digital and based in the cloud, and all our communications with customers, brokers and partners are online,” says Michel Etienne, chief technology officer at Foyer Global Health. “We rely on the best cloud providers like Microsoft, and Post is a Professionals of the Financial Sector provider, which is very important for an insurance company because we want to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security for our customers. We wanted a communication centre in line with our cloud strategy, and Anywhere365 is a partner of both Microsoft and Post.” 

Samantha Keroulis, product owner for the new Digital Workplace at Foyer Global Health, was particularly impressed by the Anywhere365 solution’s multilingual services, integration with the existing IT infrastructure, and simplicity.  

“First, we are an international health insurance provider, so we have clients all over the world and we need to interact with them in their preferred language,” she says. “Secondly, we could fully integrate it with our new Digital Workplace, which runs on Office 365 and Teams. Finally, it’s much easier to have all of our workflows in one unified system. 

“We were looking for simplicity and efficiency, firstly for our customers but also for our employees. That’s why we decided to choose Anywhere365.” 

Post rolled out the Dialogue Cloud contact centre solution with the support of Anywhere365’s team in just a few months.  

“During this stage of the project, we also had to integrate the voice services and directing routing capabilities with the physical phones and networks at Foyer Global Health’s parent company,” says Luc Halbardier, cloud and data centre solutions service manager at Post. “Six to 12 months later, Foyer Global Health asked us to add extra capabilities to resolve the issues it faced when providing intelligence voice response services in multiple languages.”  

To overcome these challenges, Post chose Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio. The low-code platform that gives businesses the nodes they need to easily design, programme and deploy dialogue workflows for customer communications and AI-enabled voice bots. It went live in June 2023. 

“Anywhere365 is fully connected to our core systems and to our digital architecture,” says Etienne. “The tool also provides us with a full stack of reporting capabilities directly available on Microsoft Power BI.” 

Halbardier attributes the success of the project to the close collaboration between Post and Anywhere365.  

“We’d never worked with the Anywhere365 solution before, so our biggest challenge was to familiarise ourselves with the solution to ensure we could implement it in a way that would enable Foyer Global Health to optimise the different features,” says Halbardier. “Anywhere365 is an expert in cloud technology and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and its team was always helpful and responsive whenever we needed assistance. 

“By combining Anywhere365’s expertise with Post’s extensive experience of integrating unified communications systems and our deep understanding of both Foyer Global Health’s customer base and Digital Workplace, we were able to complete the implementation quickly and successfully.  Now that it’s live, the Anywhere365 solution will deliver multiple business benefits, boost employee productivity and efficiency, and significantly enhance the experience for customers worldwide.”  

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