Metafile and ACOM Solutions develop payments solution

Metafile and ACOM Solutions develop payments solution
New, fully automated accounts payable invoice-through-payment solution uses Microsoft Dynamics

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software development firm Metafile Information Systems and business-to-business payments firm ACOM Solutions have partnered to create a fully automated Microsoft Dynamics-based accounts payable (AP) invoice-through-payment solution. 

Metafile’s MetaViewer Paperless Automation and ACOM’s intelligent payment platform, acompay, can now be used together. They allow companies to expand the current MetaViewer workflow with invoice-through-payment automation. 

“We are thrilled with this partnership and excited to be able to provide our customers with a fully automated invoice-through-payment process,” said Nick Sprau, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Metafile Information Systems. “The integration is a game-changer within the industry, transforming the way that companies collect invoices, store information and pay their vendors and suppliers. The innovation that ACOM brings to MetaViewer is essential for rounding out our solution.”

MetaViewer’s automated workflow captures key invoice information and facilitates a web-based workflow that automatically classifies, identifies and extracts transactional data. It also enables customers to use online approval workflows and uses Microsoft Dynamics to store vendor information. 

ACOM then completes the automation workflow by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics to make paperless payments to vendors. Companies using MetaViewer and ACOM’s technology can also benefit from AP payments cash back, eliminating paper use and increasing accuracy throughout the AP process.

“This is a great move,” said Jim Scott, senior vice president of ACOM. “Metafile has been an industry pioneer in bringing paperless automation to the enterprise, and now through our strategic partnership, MetaViewer functionality is extended right through payment processing.”

“Bringing two best-of-breed solutions together provides customers an unparalleled level of experience, proven technology and a laser-focus on true end-to-end paperless automation.”

ACOM and MetaViewer customers can now implement invoice-through-payment automation, which is available to companies using Microsoft Dynamics as their enterprise resource planning solution. 

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