Prototype your future

Prototype your future
Dassault Systèmes’ DESIGNStudio is being used to help turn good ideas into a tangible reality

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This article first appeared in the Winter issue of The Record

Disrupt or be disrupted – that’s the dilemma facing today’s companies. Some industries are being redefined on a fundamental level, with new business models, unforeseen competition, wavering brand loyalty, and unexpected usage emerging. Time to market is of the essence, and digitisation opens up fantastic opportunities for business transformation.

To help corporations address complex, systemic innovation challenges, with immersive digital experiences at the core, DESIGNStudio was established by Dassault Systèmes in 2008.

Employee empowerment is key to any transformation, and every member of a company must sing from the same hymn sheet. DESIGNStudio aims to embed itself with corporate teams and focus on helping them co-develop their point of view. Employees of all backgrounds and expertise can help define a shared future for their organisation and the services they offer to their customers.

To enable such a transformation, companies must move from concept to action. Here, prototype design is a powerful tool, and a vision of the future can quickly be made more tangible. Innovation teams can connect with their end-users, and prototypes can be demonstrated, leading to better decision-making.

Concepts such as augmented reality and virtual reality can enhance prototyping even further. Dassault Systèmes’ DESIGNStudio is determined to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities these present: full immersion into the scenarios of the future.

However, the key challenges around these technologies, such as adoption and ease of use, must be tackled head on. DESIGNStudio has launched a number of initiatives to address this, some of which use Microsoft technologies such as HoloLens and Surface Hub.

Prototypes need to make their way to the market seamlessly. A major hurdle is moving from a perfect prototype to large-scale implementation. It is essential to ensure that a systemic approach is adopted and maintained throughout the innovation process. Products, services and experiences do not exist in a vacuum – they are inter-dependent and must move forward hand in hand.

Dassault Systèmes is a pioneer in addressing the gap between the concept stage and industrialisation. Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps facilitate collaboration, and breaks down silos. Team members are empowered, informed and aligned, and can be involved throughout the innovation process.

Combining powerful tools with a focus on users and their experiences, DESIGNStudio has developed a remarkable ability to tackle complex and systemic problems, aimed at prototyping desirable futures. The projects conducted by the DESIGNStudio are prototypes of how corporations can now start transforming the way they work. With customer and user experiences transformed, brands are in a better place.

Anne Asensio is vice president of design experience at Dassault Systèmes

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