Putting industrial equipment manufacturers on the path to success

Putting industrial equipment manufacturers on the path to success

James Branigan on the benefits of Bright Wolf’s Azure IoT reference implementation guide 

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Bright Wolf’s Azure IoT reference implementation guide provides industrial equipment manufacturers with an accelerated, flexible path for delivering differentiated connected products to gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation with Microsoft Azure. This guide follows best practices and patterns outlined in the official Microsoft Azure IoT Reference Architecture with additional domain-specific recommendations and in-depth walkthroughs based on Bright Wolf’s decade of experience designing and delivering industrial connected products for some of the largest companies in the world.

Collecting and transforming data from pumps, motors, filters, chillers, and other industrial equipment across manufacturing, oil & gas, cold chain transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and other verticals – and integrating this data into enterprise business systems for generating insights and actions embedded inside your customers’ operations – presents a unique set of challenges for equipment manufacturers that don’t apply to other kinds of internet of things (IoT) projects. These include incorporating legacy devices already deployed in the field, achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, and integrating securely with a wide variety of applications and business tools across multiple business units and product lines.

Bright Wolf works directly with industrial OEMs from prototype to production to help you design and commercialise connected versions of your products. We refer to this ‘Thing Maker’ sub-category of IoT as ‘connected product systems’. The document is intended for product management and technical teams in engineering who are considering developing an industrial Connected Product System on Azure – read the Azure IoT reference implementation guide in full here.

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