Inspire 2020: BT launches security services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Inspire 2020: BT launches security services for Microsoft Azure Sentinel
New offerings integrate with existing stacks to help users address cybersecurity challenges

Elly Yates-Roberts |

BT is introducing a range of managed security and advisory services to support Microsoft Azure Sentinel. The new offerings, announced at Microsoft Inspire 2020, integrate with existing data and security stacks in Azure and Azure Sentinel to help users maximise their investments and address cybersecurity challenges. 

BT will provide managed services for Azure Sentinel’s security information event management and security orchestration automated response solution. The services include alert detection, threat visibility and threat response. 

“Global security threats are borderless and are growing all the time,” said Kevin Brown, managing director of BT Security. “So, we need effective cross-industry collaboration on a global scale to gather and exchange the intelligence needed to protect our customers. BT’s collaboration with Microsoft is expanding further to recognise the combined strength of our security offerings and deliver industry leading solutions for our customers.”

BT’s global Security Operations Centres will monitor customers’ Azure Sentinel workspace data, where security experts can then detect, analyse and mitigate threats. 

“BT shares our vision for encouraging cross-industry collaboration to better defend against a world of increasing cyber threats and helping customers maintain control over their data,” said Mandana Javaheri, cybersecurity lead at Microsoft. “As a member the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, BT brings their cyber expertise to our vendor ecosystem and their unique threat intelligence also increases the advantages of Microsoft Azure Sentinel.”

The two companies will work together over the coming year to introduce further managed security solutions to support Microsoft’s cloud portfolio. 

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