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Q&A: Speexx discusses the Microsoft ScaleUp programme

Q&A: Speexx discusses the Microsoft ScaleUp programme

Online language learning solution provider explains how it has benefitted from taking part

Caspar Herzberg |

How are you involved with Microsoft ScaleUp?

We were impressed with the engagement and commitment of the Microsoft ScaleUp Team in supporting the ten selected growth stage software companies.

During the ScaleUp kick-off in Berlin I had the opportunity to meet the other founders and executives on the programme. It was truly inspiring as it helps me understand how they – global entrepreneurs like us – tackle some of the same bumps in the road that we encounter.

What was the biggest challenge for you before the start of the programme – and have you overcome it yet?

Our biggest challenge is awareness about the huge potential of digital language training and the positive impact it has on workforce productivity.

We have many customer success stories to demonstrate the positive business impact of our solutions, such as better return on investment on learning and reduction in administration costs. The associated prestige of the Microsoft brand however, clearly bumps us up onto the stage where we can present this directly to the people who decide on strategic directions of digital transformation, talent management, employee development and employee engagement in their multinational organisations. Associating with Microsoft impacts our strategic access to decisions makers and helps us shine a spotlight on our value proposition.

What areas did the ScaleUp Batch Week help you the most?

My main take-away from the kick-off in Berlin was the ScaleUp Team demonstrating that out-of-the-box thinking will enable us to stay ahead of the curve. For instance, rather than focusing on rephrasing your value proposition when pitching, the team trained us how to tweak the way we present physically, applying breathing and voice techniques. I was positively surprised and hats off for the ScaleUp team for such a courageous and original idea; it was a lot of fun.

In a nutshell: What makes the Microsoft ScaleUp special for you?

Being on the ScaleUp programme implicates to think big and to scale up to Speexx’ fullest potential and beyond. The window of opportunity Microsoft opens for us through its vast network and global credibility, will land us a spot at the table with the world´s largest organisations.

What are your next steps?

We have been on an incredibly fast global growth path for the last few years. With the support of ScaleUp we are preparing to cast a wide net for dissemination of our value proposition. This programme has been another piece of the puzzle to scale our business. We have initiated another round of investment, in order to double the workforce. So, recruitment for us is a top priority. Our aim is to connect with talented people who want to be part of a truly global team.

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